Monday, September 28, 2009

Deer season is almost here!!!

Deer season is almost here so it's time for me to go and spend countless dollars to feed multiple deer in the vicinity of where we hunt for multiple purposes. Purpose number one is that I would just hate to see these poor deer starve through the long cold Texas winters. It is my conservationist duty to help them survive the winter. Purpose number two could be that I have large sums of money laying around that I can't seem to find ways to spend so I buy large quantities of grain (and any other product that temps me with a deers head on the package) to throw all over the ground for squirrels to fatten up on. Another purpose would be to attract people who might actually be skilled enough to shoot a deer (this writer excluded) and have venison in the freezer all year. Or maybe it's so my son can get the joy (yea right!) of hunting and kill his first deer this year. Yep, that's the one I'm going with! American Gothic - east Texas redneck deer hunter style! I can't believe the Mrs. actually posed with me for this. I truly love her. She married a dork but she plays along anyway.
Two weekends ago we spent some time at the in-laws land in east Texas where we hunt getting ready for deer season yet again. It is always fun to get into the woods where cell phones and computers don't work. It's a great place. The Mrs. and I pull the camper down every September and leave it through the first of the year.
These are some random pics of Papa and I clearing out some brush for a new feeder we are trying.
Papa's machete works better than mine.

Got mine at Wal-marts. I think Papa got his from some long-ago warrior from the jungles of South America...something like that.
We worked hard. Cut down all that with two machetes.

This is the Mrs. camouflaging one of the deer blinds. The one we normally use is painted. This one not so much.

She's a hard worker!
Now the new feeder deep in the woods. That tractor is a life savor.

Now she's gonna kill me for this picture but look at that face! The feeder was starting to roll and she was reacting to a stressful emergency situation. She told me not to post this pic but I had to. I have only seen her make this face one other time in our almost 16 years of wedded bliss. This is the face I saw when she was walking down the isle and fell in to a crying heap in her mothers lap. At that point I new she was going to say, "please don't make me marry him Mommy, he's a huge dork!" but she struggled on and married me anyway and I've been better for it ever since. Jury's still out for her.
No ladder needed.

I think we need to dress better when we go to the deer camp. I look like a bum!

The Mrs. Mom, Mimi spent the weekend in this pose. She is a huge dog lover and she absolutely could not resist the pull of a new puppy. I thought more than once we might lose Butch to her but we did finally manage to wrestle him away from her Sunday afternoon
Sorry, couldn't help myself. Why am I the only person in America who thinks this is funny? What is wrong with me?
After a day in the woods I was "dog" tired! Ya get it? "Dog" tired? Pray for my wife. She really needs it. Raising 3 others that are just like me.
The Mrs. is a saint really.

Time sure does fly!

Wow! I can't believe I have let the blog go this long without an update! I really try to post weekly but between kids activities on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights; Wednesday night and Sunday morning and night church activities; and Saturday kid activities it gets harder and harder to set down to do this. I keep taking pics (and have a backlog I may never get to) but I never seem to get the time to post. This past Saturday Bub and Sissy had a football game (he plays and she cheers) so Nannie, Mimi and Papa all came over for the day. We cooked hamburgers out and had a great time. Bub put on his A&M shirt after the game. I have always pulled for UT but have explained to the kids that Austin is too liberal and they will have a much better chance of Papa paying for college if they would all get on board with the Aggie's! Besides, they might have a winning record by the time Bub makes it to college. I mean that 8 years away for Pete's sake! I think Bub likes the idea of going to the "cowboy" school anyway. Look how big he is getting. He informed me and Papa that he would forgo Halloween this year to go hunting on the youth weekend. The times they are a changing.
These are my beautiful girls! Man am I in trouble in a couple of years! Sissy has no problem with the A&M decision. They have animals. I haven't told her that they don't have girl cheerleaders yet... oh well. Sister....well....Lets just concentrate on kindergarten for now. That's trying enough!

This kid was born to be a cheerleader! She absolutely loves it. And she's really good at it too. Vet college at A&M and then Dallas Cowboys cheerleader? Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

This is clan Daniel's newest addition (Lord help us)! He is a purebred boxer named Butch. I don't know, you'll have to ask the Mrs. this was her big brainstorm.

He's pretty stinking cute though ain't he? For those keeping count that's 2 horses, 3 goats, 10 chickens, 3 dogs and 2 cats (1 died) so I guess our numbers are staying steady!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day eats!!!

Well on this Labor Day holiday we had much work to do around house. The Mrs. had to spend the day working on the paper as Monday's are the day that that happens. We decided that we would cook some deer steaks that we've had in the freezer. Everyone pitched in to make it as quick and painless as possible. Bub jumped in with both feet and went after the cowboy dutch oven potatoes. Here he gives them a good cleaning.
After all potatoes are clean he begins slicing into quarter inch slices.

Then into a 14 inch oven. Potatoes, onions, garlic, cheese, butter and heavy whipping cream.

Nannie helps out by grating the cheese. She also made the seasoned butter for the corn.

Sister the younger lent a hand by tenderizing the meat.

This is the seasoned butter for the corn on the cob. Butter, fresh basil, garlic, kosher salt and pepper.
Smear it all over the corn and roll cob in foil. We grilled it on the gas grill for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sissy the elder helped by eating leftover movie popcorn, watching movies and looking pretty.

Bub's ready to put the taters to the fire.
The exciting part is watching the pot cook. Kinda like watching cars rust.

Takes about an hour. Twice as many coals on the top as the bottom.

Here the Mrs. is frying steak. She is wearing an apron my grandmother made from old flour sacks she found a few years before she past away.

Looks good don't it?
Homemade pan gravy. No mix here.
Taters are done.
The final product. Yes it was as good as it looks.

Sissy @ cheer camp & crazy whipper-snappers

Finally, I've come to the end of the catch-up of the blog! These are some shots of Sissy-the elder (which I think may become her new blog name) at cheer camp. She totally digs it. To the point that she has now forced us at gunpoint to enroll her in a weekly gymnastics class. " I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation"...
Look how serious and intent she is. I think that cheer leading and showing animals is gonna be her thing.

This was by far her favorite part, but hey it would be mine too if I could find 3 people who would catch me. And I wouldn't break my back.

I can't explain this foolishness. The Mrs. took these pics. How do you think she would have explained this one if it had ended up in the emergency room?

Even the little one was involved! Shameful!
Of course it was probably his idea! I mean look at that hair. Of course this goober would do anything.

The sister!!!

The Sister ( the younger of the 2 clan Daniel daughters not to be confused with Sissy-the elder) had a monumental birthday this summer. She turned all of 5 allowing her to go to kindergarten (see previous post). She started the day by helping the Mrs. make doughnuts. Notice that the tongue is strategically placed outside of the mouth, a position that denotes concentration and hard work.
Inspecting for doughnut hole compliance. We gotta meet code here people!

Sister also had a birthday party were some of her female friends (we are not doing co-ed parties at 5) came over for an afternoon of swimming and crafts.

Looks like a real pool doesn't it? Ha! Wal-marts redneck pool. (Wal-marts is on purpose)

Look how pretty! And calm, that's amazing!

Showing off their crafts. What is it with girls and crafts? They love them. Get a group of boys to sit down and make picture frames, I'll promise you it will be glitter war III in a matter of minutes.

Sister also got to go to build-a-bear with Nannie. She built herself a pink , winged, unicorn with a ballerina Tu-Tu.

Here go's the stuffing...
Already in love...
now the sewing...
Finish the night off with a milkshake on Nannie!