Monday, February 6, 2012

Barn Building 2

So the next week we have our official barn building! We had several friends from church and their sons out and started the day.
We began with a prayer so that we all go home with all our fingers.

Then the Mrs. (who worked all day long tirelessly to feed us and keep us hydrated) brought out breakfast tacos.

Then the work began.

Young men instructed by older men. It's biblical.

Lots of discussion on the roof.

Header goes up.

Ridge beam.

Break time.

Looking good.

All our friends signed the header.

Some of the guys wives came out to bring food and stay for dinner.

The barn raisers!!!

A feast afterwards.

Good friends!

A good days work. We got more done in a day with all our friends help than Papa and I could have done all week. It is so great to be in a community where our friends will give of themselves sacrificially. We are indebted to them all.

Barn Building 1

With the big wind we had in September that relocated our barn for us came the opportunity to re-build and if your gonna re-build you might as well upgrade right? So our plan was to build a new barn to replace the old that would end up being 3 times the size of the old one. Now most projects around the homestead are usually done by me and the Mrs. or Me and Papa but this one seemed to be of a size that we would need to bring in reinforcements. This would be a multi day project and certain things needed to be completed before others so the weekend before the official barn-raising we had a preliminary event to set the 22 6" X 6" posts. Of course Papa would be there as he is a sucker for anything involving construction and where he can be in charge! I also enlisted the help of my Sunday School teacher whose big idea the barn raising was and a long time co-worker who not only helped with the work but brought out a concrete mixer as well.
The mixer really made the work go easier and faster.

Papa and SS teacher worked on placing posts as Co-worker and I mixed concrete and moved posts.

Remember, a co-worker of mine would also be an inspector. We just can't help ourselves.

The Mrs. would bring water...

and kisses for me!

Day one complete! We were ready for a barn raising!

Long time gone...

Wow! It has been ages since I last blogged. I have been so incredibly busy it has just gone by the way-side. So , I've got all these pics I have not blogged on the computer and I will once again try and stay consistent. I'm sure it won't happen but I'll try.

So , last time I blogged I mentioned that we got rid of a steer and my oldest female whipper-snapper was none too happy. Well, we took the money from the steer and bought Charlie!

The whipper-snappers are having a great time riding him.
He likes chasing goats.

Sissy is quite happy with the animal upgrade.

And becoming a really good rider.

All is well.