Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Whipper snappers meet MRE's

What do you do when your a kid, Christmas is over and the only thing in the ice box to eat are leftovers that you've had for lunch and dinner for 4 days already? Dig out a couple of packs of MRE's (meals ready to eat) and go to town.
This seems like a cool idea when your 9 and 12 and taste is not the most important item when it comes to dining requirements.

They had fun...

and got full!

A nice finish

Sunset in the Pearl. Beautiful ending to a great day.

God is so good!

Happy horse.


Christmas 2010

Christmas is a special time here at the clan Daniel homestead. Not because of how crazy kids get about this holiday, though it is fun having young ones, but more importantly because we get to spend time with family and friends and celebrate the beginning of Gods plan of redemption for mankind. The Mrs. and I try to stress to the whipper-snappers what it is that we are truly celebrating. The birth of Christ is not as relevant as what took place on the cross but it did set the plan into motion and there are a lot of miracles to point out to the little ones of Gods mercy and control. Christmas Eve dinner is always a different event as far as food goes. In years passed we have done appetizers only or made homemade pizza among other things. This year it was tamale's!
Since Mimi and Papa usually spend Christmas Eve with us the whipper-snappers get to open gifts on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Of course that is no problem for them as they are all up to the task.

Christmas is special to all whipper-snappers but the younger ones really seem to enjoy it the most.

Sister was having quite a good time!

Young and old(er) alike have a good time. Funny, you give Papa a goofy hat and he's always ready to go. (see earlier posts)

Everyone enjoyed their gifts!

Christmas day we had a more traditional meal.

Reindeer food left out for Santa's herd. All gone Christmas morning!
We all had a wonderful time and hope that your families did as well!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

December with the clan!

It's been a busy month for the clan. We had a steer show early in the month and Bub and Sissy both did great! They both finished 3rd in their class and Bub was a close 2ND to winning Jr. Showmanship!
We had a good time either way. Next up - Ft. Worth stock show!

Lot's of Christmas preparation means many long evenings so the little ones get sleep when they can.

Bub had a band concert and did a bang up job. Wish I had done as good getting this pic in correctly.

Sister had a kindergarten Christmas play and also did great. Still not sure where I messed up.

The whipper-snappers decided to make dad some Christmas cookies!

It was a group effort.

Ain't they purty!

They were having so much fun Bub had to get in on the action.

They were sure tasty!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The last of the Thanksgiving holiday!

These are the last of our Thanksgiving holiday pics. Just some shots of some of the fun activities we do while at Bakersfield. Mimi and Papa were married on Thanksgiving some time around the turn of the last century. I think they are in their 1o2ND year of marriage or something. A great model of all a marriage really can be. You just need a tractor.
Sister is finally getting her turn to be the lead tractor driver. In clan Daniel proficiency in tractor driving is required by your 8Th birthday.

She's getting the hang of it and looking cute while doing so.

Crossword puzzles were a big player this year. It was a community effort.

Our new puppy Buster was on hand for the festivities this week. He's all tied up (both figuratively and literally).

Mimi and Papa's dog was there as well so the girlie-girls had plenty of outdoor dogie fun.

I think the puppies were pretty tired by the end of the week.

The BIL makes his own chain mail. He was making this one for my pesky sister-in-law.

BIL spent a lot of his free time in this position.

My pesky sister-in-law in new battle ready metal shirt. Dorks!

Since the pesky sister-in-law is an avid biker (both pedal and motor) she tried to help Bub fix his ride.

I think it's still broke.

We also broke out a couple of puzzles this year for some wholesome family fun.

We had 2. One 500 piece and one 1000 piece.

500 piece done in 2 days. We brought the 1000 piece home in the box! Maybe next year.