Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deer Season is here!

Well, deer season is in full swing so Bub and me went to Bakersfield this weekend and had quite a time. We arrived late Friday night, unloaded and hit the hay for a 4:30 am start. I knew it was gonna be a wacky weekend since I was bunking with a miniature Elvis!
Saturday morning we hit the deer blind at about 5:00am and saw nothing but does from sun-up until 9:00am when this beauty walked up!

He was sniffing after a couple of does that had just left the area and made the fatal mistake of not bedding down early.

The sad part was Sunday morning Bub had an 8 point about this same size walk up on him. He was waiting for the "perfect" shot and unfortunately for him it never happened and the buck walked away. He was very disappointed in himself but also learned a valuable lesson, you have to sometimes take what's given to you and make the best of it.

Speaking of Bub, he was a big help in the cleaning of the deer. Here he is pulling it up so we can clean it....

...and then the rope broke. Sorry Bub.

After we finished with the deer we cooked burgers on buddy burners. Buddy burners are stoves we make in RA's. It's a #10 can as a stove and a tuna can with cardboard and wax under it as a burner. Bub had a great time cooking with this in class so I told him we would cook supper on it.

Here's Bub grilling a burger bun.

They were mighty tasty burgers!

The downside to buddy burners is that they are small, so you eat while you cook.

So good we did it again. The meat is only about 3 ounces, small buns, pickles, mustard and ketchup only! That's what we call man burgers!

We came home Sunday evening and the Mrs. and me completed processing the deer.

Neither she nor me are fans of taking deer to the processor so we do it ourselves. It's a little more work but we will eat great quality meat all year at a small price.

We cut it into small pieces, weigh it out and individually package it.

in one and two pound packs with a food saver.

We ended up putting 23 pounds of quality meat up for the winter. I'm sure we will get at least 2 more deer and that will generally last us through next deer season. A great weekend to be sure.
Oh, and a special Happy Birthday to the Mrs. She let me and Bub go hunting on her birthday! She's pretty awesome. Of course her daddy was a deer hunter all her life so she is kinda use to it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What we've been up to

What has clan Daniel been up too? A bunch! We are so busy most of the time we can't keep it all straight. I don't have time to give this blog all I should but I will give what I can when I can. A couple of weeks ago Bub and I went deer hunting. It was youth weekend in Texas so only he could hunt. It was a rather chilly morning and we saw a lot of deer but mostly does. We saw nothing to shoot at all weekend but had a good time anyway.
We will be going back next weekend and I expect better luck.It should be colder and the bucks will be more sprightly I hope.

Bub was the only one who could hunt two weeks ago. We will both be packing this next time.

The weekend we were hunting also turned out to be my 42ND birthday. When I got home my youngest gave me a present that she wrapped herself.

Next came Halloween, the girlie girls dressed up as felines of some type. One was a leopard and one was a cheetah I think. We went to an activity at church and then around town for some trick or treating.

The boy was an axe murderer. I was not pleased but I assume this will be his last year w/ Halloween.

I'm also currently working on re-finishing a table we bought for our kitchen. We sold our other table and chairs (it was just too big for the space) and bought this table from some friends.

I think it will go really nice in our house when I'm done.

We have been eating off our card table for a couple of months so the idea of having a real table and chairs is rather appealing.

I'll post some finished pics when I'm done.

Meet Buster. He is the Mrs. new boxer given to her by a friend. We had to get a new boxer because we lost our first one, Butch.

Well we didn't actually lose Butch, we more like ran over him. Specifically I ran over him. It was bad luck all around. But now we have Buster! Ain't he cute?

We went to the Cowboy Stadium Today for a tour of said stadium with Bub's RA group at church.

We got to see the field from a luxury suite,

see the Cowboys locker room,

and go onto the field. It was a really good time!

After we got home from the stadium we had some popcorn for dinner. Sister fell asleep so it must have been a busy weekend for her too.