Sunday, February 28, 2010

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

OK, saving the best for last. This will catch me up. A couple of weeks ago. Mom, Bub, and Sissy took the steers to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo. Both showed and Sissy took 2ND place in weight class with her steer. YEA!!!!
Here Bub practices setting up his steer in the ring.

Bub and his steer at San Antonio.

Going into the ring.

Sissy sitting on her steer before she shows.

Sissy showing at San Antonio. See 2ND place ribbon hanging out her back pocket?

Winning in San Antonio means making the sale. See the big S?

A winner and her steer.

Clan Daniel (at least part of it) at the Alamo.

Clan Daniel on the river walk in San Antonio.

Sissy before the sale begins.

Sissy after the sale, realizing she has seen her steer for the last time.

The Winner!!!!

Last weekend in February

OK, it's been so long I seem to be posting backwards so bear with me. This is an update on our weekend here at the home place. It was a beautiful weekend and we really should have been working in the garden but we are so far behind we took advantage to do some old jobs. Our horse barn is finally finished. Exclusively built by Dad, Bub and Papa.
Halfway through the last wall.

Bub on the roof. He was very good at this and very helpful through the whole process. I hope he is learning to do for himself through all this.

Me taking a break. Bub takes a good pic!

The boy climbing around.

Tongue always out when nailing. I think it's a requirement.

Mom helps the girls wash the dogs.

Sister helps with the drying.

Sissy did the bulk of the work.

Lazy loafers after a long day. At least their clean.

Heaven help us!

Sissy also helped with the dishes.

Pretty girlie's in matching PJ's ready for bed!

Blizzard 2010

Well, as seems to be the norm with my blog these days, I am really behind. Clan Daniel has been very busy of late and I am getting further and further behind. This weekend was beautiful and it is really giving me spring fever, but I still need to post these pics of the Texas blizzard 2010. This is a pic of our fire pit. Totally covered in snow.
I thought this was a cool pic.

The home place. Really pretty in the spring and covered in snow.

My gorgeous gals on a big snowball.

Snowball fight - country style!

Here is something you don't get to do too often in the Pearl- shovel snow!

Something else you don't get to do in Texas too much is ride down snowy hills. The Mrs. gives it a go.

We don't usually worry about drifts either.

Texas kids rarely see this much snow. We have to do it all. Including snow men.

7 1/2 inches. We got another 2 inches about a week later.

Dad has to take a turn.

Sissy rides down!

Knee deep!

Horses still gotta eat.

Sister goes down the hill.

I think the animals could do without the snow.

Climbing on the hay.

The old home place.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ft. Worth Stock Show

Last week clan Daniel spent two great days at the Ft. Worth stock show. What were we doing you ask? We were showing Bub and Sissy's steers! We had a blast! The whipper-snappers have been working/raising these two particular steers since late summer. They have shown at a couple of smaller shows and now at Ft. Worth.
What do the kids do between shows? Lay around on bovine!
Here Bub is inside the ring showing his steer. He did a great job setting up for the judge and handling his steer.
A lot of work goes in to getting these guys ready to show. Bub is brushing his steer after a bath and blow-dry.
This is Bub showing again. He competed with 75 other competitors just in his weight class.
He didn't place or make the sale but he did a fantastic job!
Here Sissy shows her steer. Ain't she purty?
Notice the pink show stick...
She's setting her steer up here. Sissy also missed placing and the sale but she too did a great job.
There is a lot of down time at a stock show, so what is a cowgirl to do when there is nothing else going on? Why pose for pics with other cowgirls and cows of course.
Next is San Antonio next week! Wish us luck.