Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I spent my New Year weekend!

You know, if how I spent the first weekend of 2010 is any indication as to what's in store for the rest of the year, clan Daniel is in for a very productive year.
Starting in August our lives were turned upside down. Bub began football season and I helped coach the team. Three nights a week (I know, we're nuts) practice and games on Saturday. Usually right in the middle of the day which wreaks havoc on getting things done. If they were away games we would sometimes drive up to two hours one way to get there. Bubs team made the playoffs which took us all the way to the start of deer season. With deer season comes an every weekend getaway to Bakersfield with a full week at Thanksgiving. Then we go into full holiday swing. It's a busy time of year.
Needless to say, I have been neglecting some of the routine maintenance around the old homestead. I decided that this weekend, since I would have three days off, I would forgo deer hunting the last weekend of the season (sacrificial I know) and get some stuff done around here! I started out with an easy one even though I have neglected it far too long. Our ice maker has not worked in quite a long while and since Nannie just lives across the pasture, and since Bub is so good at running over and stealing (uh, err, um borrowing - yea that's it) it was easy to let this particular chore slide. Anyway, that was my first job. Actually it was my second. When you live in the Pearl your first job is always to make a list of all you want to do and a list of all you will need and then drive into town for the shopping. With that out of the way. Ice maker works!
I was also lucky enough to have to replace the kitchen faucet. As with most jobs around here I ran into an additional problem. The cold water shut-off under the sink was leaking so I had the added joy of crawling under the sink into a very small and cramped cabinet to replace that. Job done!

This is loads of fun. The Mrs. is always there to help me out with all sorts of questions of what I'm doing and why. I make up the answers as best I can.

This is the new kitchen faucet. We are not sure that we like it. (when I say we I mean the Mrs.) So we (this one is all me) may take it out and go get another one. Lucky me! This way I get to go back under the sink! Anything for my baby!

The really fun job was the leak in the water line in the yard. It had been there for a couple of months so it was good and muddy. Oh, and it rained New Years Eve. Let me tell you this was a fun one. I know that there is a God because He shows Himself to me in so many ways. This weekend was no different. He showed me why he did not create me to be a plumber. Because I'm not very good at it! God is good...all the time!

This is really the fun part. Laying in the wet mud on my belly working in a muddy hole! AHH the joys of home ownership! You know what the worst part of this whole deal is? Look at that bald spot! I mean for Pete's sake! Where did my hair go? And what's left up there is turning gray! I don't understand. The Mrs. tells me all the time that I obsess over my balding but at this rate I'm gonna run out up there!

Speaking of the Mrs. this is how she spent her weekend. She says it's supervision. Really? I mean she actually moved that chair so that she could watch me wallow in the mud. She really loves me. She made me take this pic from a long way off because she says she looks bad. She looks well rested to me!

After working around the place the last two days I was able to use my new Weber grill to cook supper! I was very excited to get this from the whipper-snappers for Christmas! We've got a nice gas grill but I really love cooking over charcoal. Ain't it purty? Y'all come over and I'll cook you something good!