Monday, February 4, 2013

More random pics

Some more random pics.                                                                                                   

 Sisters birthday with Nannie at build-a-bear.

Fishing with her cousin.

Sissy at school.
 My hot wife!
 Our dog Remington.
 Our boy Bub.
Bub. See the similarity?   

Dang goats! 
 Friends in San Antonio.
 Me at work. Trying to get a good pic of the stache!
Sunset in the Pearl.

2012 - A year in review

Now here we have just a bunch of pics I wanted to blog. I think they all came from my phone and they are in no particular order. Just a chance to see what we have seen over 2012.                                                                  
 Horseback riding at the in-laws farm in east Texas.
 The barn.

 We hang out in the barn a lot...
 with the chickens.
 Tack room.
 Bub throwing shot put in track this last year.
 The Mrs. looking awesome.
 My friend Chuck, the bird whisperer.
 Sissy looking awesome.
 Sissy at awards ceremony.
 Kristine, wife of bird-whisperer. 

 Bub playing baseball.
 The Pearl.

 1st base.

 Hay for the winter.

 My cheerleader.
 The Mrs. in Florida.
 The Mrs. on our newest horse, Luke.

 Me and Bub deer hunting.
 See what he does in the stand. Who's looking for deer?
 My grown-up job.

 East Texas riding again.

 These are Bub spending time at Mimi and Papa's.
 Sister grocery shopping.
 My beauties riding in the homecoming parade.
 Sissy with her cousin showing off the catch.
 The girls zonked.
 Band concert.
 Sissy deer hunting, Bub reads, she sleeps.
 Band concert.

 Bakersfield sunset.
 Bubs deer.
 He cleans it and processes it himself. It's the cowboy way.
 Me and Sissy while hunting.
 Bub processing.
 Mimi and Bub about to watch fireworks.
Beauties in parade.