Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bubs trip to the hospital

For a long time now we knew that our son would eventually need some sort of corrective surgery on his foot. We always knew that there was a problem, we just didn't know what it was. He has always had a hard time running and as he aged it seemed to be getting worse. We finally found the right specialist who determined that the problem was a deformity in his ankle from birth and the Dr believed he could repair it easily.
So Bub went in for surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital. After 2 weeks he went back to the DR and all is progressing nicely. He won't have to wear a cast, just a boot, and should be in PT in a couple of more weeks. He can now move his ankle in a way he has never been able to move it before!

Unfortunately, they don't have a surgery to stop him from being a dork!!!

But we know all is well when the appetite returns.