Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving post #5

I finally have held my right arm in the air just right and got a signal. This post is from Thanksgiving. More specifically , Thanksgiving morning. Bub got his first deer!!!
Warning*** Graphic pics of deer being processed ***
Thanksgiving morning was the first morning (of 4 days) that we could shoot does.
So Bub spots one under the feeder at about 9:00am takes aim, pulls the trigger and drops him!

We both assumed a doe but when we got close, low and behold, it was a spike! The boy got his first buck!

He and I were both terribly excited, high-fiving each other in the stand!

It was quite an exciting day for the both of us.

I am sure it is a day he will remember for a lifetime.

His Papa told him of the first deer he killed when he was 13. Bub beat him by 2 years!

Beat me by a lot more than that.

Hopefully he will learn the whole cleaning and processing part so Dad can hand that over to him.

Third deer to process in 2 weeks. I could use the help. I better not complain as this has been by far our most productive hunting season since we have been hunting here.

Still, it doesn't make this part any more pleasant.

You know though, it's a part of life. God gave us these animals for food, tools, clothes, many other things. I am giving my son an ability that is being lost by a large section of society. How many people are able to go out, gather their food, and prepare it for consumption?

I hope that the day comes that he is teaching his son these same things.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving week day 4

Well, just as I thought, I have fallen behind with the updates. These are actually pics from the past couple of days. Nothing new from today. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow. Clan Daniel at the big tree at Bakersfield.
This is the tree. It's humongous! And gorgeous! No telling how long it's been here.

Bub and Sissy riding the go-cart in the field.

The whole family riding on a trailer behind the tractor. This is usually an every night occurrence.

Whoops! Bub building a fire.

Sister and Butch.

Sister playing in the dirt.

Dutch-oven rolls.

Bub driving the tractor.

The ol' philosopher! As usual completely full of bologna!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving week day 3

Another great day out in east Texas! Happy 43rd anniversary to Mimi and Papa! Here they sit next to the biggest and oldest tree on the farm. What a remarkable accomplishment. 43 years! Amazing!
This is the girls before their day starts. Can you find both girls here?

Papa as he starts each and every day, cooking breakfast for the whole group.

The Mrs. and sister on the trailer on one of the many hay-rides of the day.

Sister and papa driving the tractor.

A look at Bakersfield from the highest point on the place.

A second look at our favorite place!

The girls lounging on the hammock.

Bub driving the go-cart through the woods.

See how happy this place makes everyone!

The whipper-snappers at the big tree.

Me and Bub cooking dinner.

Dutch-oven peach cobbler.

Still cooking!

Dutch-oven rolls!

One of my favorite things to do. We cook out quite a bit here.

Mimi has to check on me to make sure I don't mess anything up!

Brisket smoked all day. Nannie's BBQ sauce!

Peach cobbler with cream!

Bub eatin' a rib!

Sissy tearing through a rib!

Sister getting after it!

Butch gets in on the action as well.

Oops! Not sure what happened here!

Sister looking good! Not taken this week but boy she sure is cute!
We are going deer hunting again tomorrow! Hopefully the kids will bag theirs!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving week day 1

We (clan Daniel) are out in east Texas this week for our annual pilgrimage to the place we lovingly refer to as Bakersfield. We spend each Thanksgiving here with the whole family and love every minute of it. I decided I had better not wait till it was over to blog as I would have too many pics.
Here Papa and Bub stand over a deer shot by the Mrs. (they were dragging it up to camp for her.)
Here is a pic of Sissy i n the camper. Ain't she purty!

Here is clan Daniel in the camper last night.

Me cleaning the Mrs. deer. How did I end up doing this?

The Mrs. and her deer.

Me and Bub only saw does this morning so I shot one... with a camera.

There's a deer back there I promise.

After hunting all morning the kids decided to target practice with pellet guns this afternoon.

Bub being cocky!

They also rode the go-cart a lot today. They are building a very close relationship down here that I hope lasts.

The Mrs. spent the day working on the paper. Fun huh?

Papa got in on the pellet gun shooting as well.

Mimi, Papa and Nannie waiting for supper.

kids riding the go-cart.

The smoker I will be cooking on a lot this week. Also the dutch oven. I love this kind of cooking.

Cool ain't it!

The whole family waiting on me to feed them!

My mother felt sure I would not post this pic of her on the blog! Ha!!!

My mother in law also felt confident that I did not have the courage to post this pic. Do these women not know me? Do they think that I am somehow afraid of their wrath? Give me a break.
I love you Mimi... I love you Nannie.... Don't mess with me ladies! MUAHAAHAAAHAAA!!!!!!!!