Monday, February 4, 2013


OK, this will be one of those posts that I let the pictures speak for themselves (for the most part).We have some good friends here in the Pearl who's parents own a ranch out in west Texas. They were wonderful enough to invite Bub and myself to help with their spring roundup. We had a great time.                                                                   
 The first cool part of the trip for Bub happened on the way to the ranch. He got to experience his first ever trip to Waffle House. The boy was on cloud nine. I have no idea why. 
 While there he performed numerous cowboy tasks. Most involved throwing calves around but he especially enjoyed branding.

 The actual working of the cattle was usually done by noon so we got to explore the ranch on Mules. Bub got to drive.
 This is Bub throwing one of the calves with the daughter of one of the cowboys that where there.

 That is our friend Jeff next to Bub who invited us along and Nathan, the son of another friend who was with us as well.
 Watched a really cool storm blow in the second night. Saw it coming for miles.

 The boy did a great job.

 One of the cowboys.

We had a blast. It was a great time to get away with friends.

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